Corneliszoon give you an easy first step for your new business.

Now you can introduce your product in different European countries, with vitually no effort.
Since 1998, Corneliszoon logistics and automotive marketing have succesfully supported numerous companies in introducing their products to the Dutch and Belgian market. And since 2016 we are opening more countries in Europe and even outside. Click here for an overview of marketplaces. We focus mainly on the branches logistics (equipment), transport equipment and packaging. If you feel in any way that your products are eligible to be marketed in one of these countries, read this!

Include yourself in the top listings of suppliers.

Who delivers? We have answered this question millions of times already to European purchasers (truck dealers, fleet owners, transportation companies, logistics managers). Corneliszoon maintains a number of electronic marketplaces, e.g. (packaging), (warehousing), (wholesale) and (transport equipment), where suppliers are listed according to their type of service, and can be found without any effort.

Joining a marketplace is the first and cheapest step of your presence in the market. For as low as € 199,00 per year, we list your company data on the most relevant business website, and add products to your profile. Requests for information (RFI) and requests for quotes (RFQ) are forwarded to your mailbox real-time. Your company data hyperlinks to your own website. Our goal is to establish contact between you and your new prospects. The first step for you to develop new business in the Netherlands, Belgium and other European countries.

Our marketplaces attract thousands of visitors each day, thanks to advertising on search engines, in trade magazines and distributing different news letters. We have many hundreds of satisfied customers who take advantage of this service every day.
Make yourself known to decision makers.

It is never an option to sit still and wait for things to happen. Thanks to our involvement in market places, we maintain an extensive database of decision makers in numerous markets.

We select prospects according to your criteria, and contact them via e-mail. Or, we include your commercial message in one of our newsletters. We use what we call a "ResponSite", small websites with the purpose of capturing the names and data of possible customers.

Very importantly, we never use covered techniques or scripts to secretly invade the privacy of our website visitors. All sites can be visited anonymously. People leave their data out of their own free will. The respect with which we treat our visitors, pays off to the reputation of Corneliszoon.

Examples of ResponSites:
View your captured data.

If you join one of our marketplaces, you will receive access to our central back office FABRIEK.COM. You will be able to view names and relevant data of the decision makers who are interested in your company.
  • data can be viewed 24 hrs a day
  • new prospects are added via their purchase profiles
  • changes of data (e.g. change of adress or phone number) are maintained by our staff
  • all entries in our database are verified; 99,99% reliability
The FABRIEK.COM users are traders and buyers from different market places such as,, (transport equipment),,,,, (logistical equipment), (packaging), (wholesale sector) and (consultancy).
Newsletters for different markets.

We edit and distribute different e-zines, sometimes on our own behalf, sometimes on behalf of our customers. If you like, we can manage the complete process of setting up, maintaining, editing and distributing your electronic newsletter.

Some of these newsletters are sent out only a few times per year, some have developed to weekly issues.

In these general newsletters, there is (limited) space for your commercial message, and for advertisements, clickable buttons, and banners. If you want, we can combine your message with a ResponSite.

Example of newsletters:
Send out your own mailings.

Sometimes, it can be useful to take things into your own hands. Like sending out your own e-zine. We can relate to that wish, and support you with online or offline software for that purpose.
  • send out to customer data captured on our marketplace and your website
  • start sending thousands of mails just by pushing one button
  • we only support "opt-in" situations, we do not support spamming
  • complete control over who receives your e-zine. Exclude your competitors if you want!
  • your e-zines are personalized. Receivers are addressed personally (e.g. "Dear mr. Johnsen", "Dear mrs. Young", etcetera).
We deliver the full package in promotion in Europe.

We provide our customers with a complete range of services to promote their companies. If not available in-house, we contact reputable sources from our own network.
  • press releases.
    We edit your news releases and distribute them to editors and journalists.
  • translation services.
    We co-operate with translators who master practically every language.
  • website design.
    We will take care of your webdesign needs. Includes also response forms, database connection and even real-time tracking of your customer's orders. If you are seriously interested, ask for a demo.
  • online catalogue or webshop.
    We assist you in building a customized webshop, completely to your specifications. Ask us for a user account in our demonstration webshop.
We are a small team of creative marketeers, writers and technicians, with a POSITIVE attitude and focused on finding those new customers for you. Contact us, and ask for more information.
Your advantages:
  • present yourself in a new geographical area
  • e-marketingservice by marketing specialists
  • buyers will recognize the name of your company
  • your company will rank higher in search engines thanks to hyperlinks on our websites
  • no effort on your side, all response will show up in your account
  • by far the cheapest way to start marketing your company abroad

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